Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do all the terms I see around mean? ====> A. Go to this web address and check them out:

Q. Are your donations negotiable? ====> A. To a very limited extent, and more so for regular customers. An online review or one sent to me would go a long way toward that though ;-)

Q. Do you go the full time? ====> A. Yes I make it last, I am not looking to get you out in 5 mins, I want you to enjoy yourself!

Q. Do you have age requirement? ====> A. Yes, please be over 25.

Q. What hours and days are you available? ====> A. M-F 10am - 9pm, Sat is flexible, not avail on Sundays.

Q. Do I take Last minute appointments? ====> A. Only if have seen you and time is available.

Q. Do I offer outcall? ====> A. Incall Only